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What is Viradux-AU
Viradux-AU is a suspended solution containing both herbal extracts and a natural transdermal delivery medium.  The substances have been known to be readily absorbed by the body.  One of the difficult aspects of treating herpes is that the virus lives deep inside the cells of the spinal ganglia.  The following video explains the mechanics of the herpes virus:

The product contains viral inhibitors and several herbal extracts and essential oils.  To ensure the greatest possible effectiveness, the product should be applied to healthy and clean unbroken skin once per day for at least 20 weeks.  Only a small amount should be used, generally just enough to cover the previously effected areas.  The concept that "more is better" is not true in this case.  It is more important that a small consistent amount be introduced at regular daily intervals.  Over-application will create a moist environment that can impair the treatment.

 Do not use on an active outbreak.
The user should discontinue use until the outbreak has run its course.  Once the effected area has completely healed they may resume daily applications.  

The product is light sensitive and its effectiveness is impaired by lengthy direct exposure to sunlight.  It is for this reason that we ship the product in a UV-light resistant container.  Still, it is recommended that the product be stored in a cool place away from bright light.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with Viradux-AU, return the unused portion of the product for a full refund.

Viradux also provides a solution for cold sores (Viradux-ColdSore) based on the same anti-herpetic compounds.  We do not recommend using Viradux-AU for cold sores.  While also a form of the herpes virus, cold sores are usually caused by HSV1.  For treatment specifically targeted to this kind of herpes infection (whether the site is oral or genital), click here:  

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